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Welcome to Patti Robbins

My hope is that through this artwork, you can discover the joy I have experienced in creating these works.



Patti Robbins

My collection of vessels and fabrics serve as my inspiration in creating still life compositions that are intensely dramatic.  On occasion I borrow vases, bowls, plates from friends’ homes and purchase new pieces if they appeal to my sense of style.  A vessel can be center stage in more than one canvas.  This collection process begins the treasure hunt that sets the mood for my canvases. Pattern and rhythm, especially stripes and polka dots begin the tabletop dialogue. A walk around my property adds more props such as citrus, flowers, succulents, weeds or branches.  Local color, the shape of the objects, and patterns are orchestrated  to appeal to my compositional theory. Objects are arranged and rearranged, and then I study the shadows cast by the sun coming through my studio windows. Then a quick sketch and ready to begin the painting process.  This lasts until organic objects die and then I just skip reality and paint from the heart. You have realism and abstraction vibrating with colorful energy.

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